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What Are Trauma and Stress Disorders?

If you have lived through a traumatic event, such as any form of abuse, war, a natural disaster, the sudden death of a loved one, or a serious accident, the memories may continue to haunt you long after the experience has passed. This can lead to symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which often persist for three months or more after undergoing trauma and can be long-lasting. Symptoms of trauma and stress disorders will vary for each person but commonly include nightmares, intrusive thoughts, avoidance behaviors, trouble sleeping, irritability, muscle tension, and hypervigilance. Board-certified family nurse practitioner Christy Akin is here to help Seymour, IN children and adults who are dealing with the aftermath of trauma. Reach out to Telepsych Services of Indiana to learn more.



What Are the Trauma and Stress Disorders We Treat?

There are several types of mental health disorders that can develop as a result of experiencing trauma. Telepsych Services of Indiana offers treatment for trauma and stress disorders through medication management. Primarily, Christy may prescribe antidepressants or anxiolytics to help lessen anxiety or depression, which are commonly associated with trauma. The different types of trauma and stress disorders we treat include:

  • PTSD: Symptoms of PTSD often occur months or years after undergoing trauma and can be long-lasting.
  • Acute stress disorder: Unlike PTSD, which appears much later, acute stress disorder emerges soon after a traumatic event is experienced and typically lasts under one month. If it persists for longer, you may be diagnosed with PTSD.
  • Adjustment disorder: Also called stress response syndrome, an adjustment disorder is a short-term condition that may last for up to six months and is characterized by a person having a hard time adjusting to a stressful or traumatic life change.

Minimize Your Symptoms of PTSD

If you have experienced or witnessed a distressing situation, you could have a trauma disorder, like post-traumatic stress disorder. At Telepsych Services of Indiana in Seymour, IN, we provide prescription medication to people whose lives are being heavily impacted by the effects of PTSD and trauma. To receive your own personal treatment plan, schedule a consultation with board-certified family nurse practitioner Christy Akin.

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